Address rising transportation cost and equipment or capacity issues by exploring Accela rail for all your non time-sensitive moves.

Save with the nation’s best railway carriers like BNSF, Norfolk Southern, and CSX – taking advantage of our carrier partnerships and pre-negotiated rates.

Find capacity in a network of over 45,000 miles of track and over 150,000 pieces of specialized equipment.

And have access to TOFC, COFC, roadrailer, and more; going that “extra mile” to provide complete intermodal door-to-door service – from rail to receiving dock.

Please note that if the shipment exceeds 12 linear feet and/or is non stackable, a truckload quote might be best for you. All rate quotes are approximate until confirmed by an Accela representative. Our goal is to have rate quotes supplied and confirmed within 2 hours of their request. If you are not receiving a response or are having errors with these forms, please contact us direct (800) 970-5768.

To allow us to process your request faster, please: A) indicate your company’s name; and B) provide your corporate e-mail address. This allows us to verify that your request is a legitimate business inquiry. Request from individuals / sole proprietorships are not accepted online at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

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